• NO ONE looks into the eyes of their newborn child and thinks, “I can hardly wait for the first day I yell at you.” Yet just as the joys of parenting delight us, the stresses test us. This book offers the tools to relieve these stresses, while deepening our understanding of the toddler, and it's specially designed to be useful in the time a busy parent has, be it 1 minute, 2, 5 or 10.

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  • A Suddenly “Shy” Child
    I get invited into some of the best discussions with parents! Recently I had a wonderful on-line discussion about shyness and social anxiety in young children. Because adults often learn in the context of other’s questions I’m going to share with you what you would...
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  • Bite My Tongue or Speak Up? When adults disagree over parenting
    Parenting encompasses so much more than just an adult to child relationship. In fact, new parents are often taken by surprise by just how much this new relationship with their child impacts their other close relationships. Of course, this is most obvious in the co-parent...
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  • “Smart” is this label trapping your child?
    If you encountered a magic fairy who promised wonderful things if you would only put your child in a box, would you put your child in a box? Before you shout “Of course, not!,” what if she told you, “It’s a beautiful box and others...
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