Your Parenting Matters

NO ONE looks into the eyes of their newborn child and thinks, “I can hardly wait until I’m screaming my lungs out at you.” Yet, the stresses of parenting can eventually bring any one of us to this surprising and painful place. Our work is about relieving these stresses with clear, concise, specific and easy-to-implement advice based in an expert understanding of child development and an unwavering focus on the parent-child and family relationship.

This isn’t about perfect parenting; it’s about understanding a child’s developmental journey and how we can support that journey. It’s acknowledging that we— parents and caregivers—aren’t done with ourselves yet and that parenting is an opportunity for us to learn and grow. It’s about experiencing, even with all the stresses and challenges, the joy in family life.

This site is where you can learn about our various parenting support services and products. You can also use this site to schedule and make purchases.  Your-parenting-matters.com  is an information storehouse, a contact hub, a place to get to know Dr Y and to be part of our on-going conversation about parenting and family life.

Our Core Beliefs


You are the expert on your own child.

We’ll give you helpful ideas and a gentle nudge to frame the problem in a positive way. We’ll offer concrete strategies and tools, all based in an understanding and respect for both parent and child. But because you know your child the best, we will ask again and again: What do you think? What does your gut tell you?


Framing the problem is key to solving it.

Sometimes we can misinterpret children or take their actions personally. But, almost always there is something else going on. Our approach always involves looking at the child’s developmental perspective—the child’s needs and abilities and un-adult-like experience of the world.


You want clear & ready-to-use solutions.

Good advice is equipment, ready to use at a moment’s notice. This is why we offer sample scripts and real world scenarios. It’s why we focus on actions and words, down to the detail of how to hold your body or how to tone your voice.


Parenting is an art and a skill.

We don’t hand a 16-year-old a license and say “Go Drive.” Few of us start our careers without some kind of education or training. Yet, even though it’s called the hardest and most important job, parents are expected to simply wing it. Childbirth education was rare until the late 1970s, but today’s parents expect to learn about delivering their babies. Soon we hope parents will begin to expect and get education, help and support for raising those babies.


You parent from your own value base.

You will be deluged with suggestions from friends, family, doctors, the internet and more. These messages and suggestions invite confusion. Clarity comes as you act based on your knowledge of your child and your understanding of yourself, your values and the context of your family.

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