Your Parenting Matters

NO ONE looks into the eyes of their newborn child and thinks, “I can hardly wait until I’m screaming my lungs out at you.” Yet, the stresses of parenting can eventually bring any one of us to this surprising and painful place. Our work is about relieving these stresses with clear, concise, specific and easy-to-implement advice based in an expert understanding of child development and an unwavering focus on the parent-child and family relationship.

This isn’t about perfect parenting; it’s about understanding a child’s developmental journey and how we can support that journey. It’s acknowledging that we— parents and caregivers—aren’t done with ourselves yet and that parenting is an opportunity for us to learn and grow. It’s about experiencing, even with all the stresses and challenges, the joy in family life.

This site is where you can learn about our various parenting support services and products. You can also use this site to schedule and make purchases.  is an information storehouse, a contact hub, a place to get to know Dr Y and to be part of our on-going conversation about parenting and family life.

To schedule your free 1/2 hour parenting consultation, to inquire about booking a presentation or hosting an event, or to ask Dr. Y a parenting question, contact her here via email or call her at 614-848-8273.

Dr. Yvonne Gustafson

Parent educator, Dr Yvonne Gustafson (Dr Y), is a lifeline for families. With her expert knowledge, hands-on style and unwavering focus on the parent-child and family relationship, she provides solutions that work, that build parent confidence, and ready parents for their next challenge. Dr Y is a leader and facilitator of parent groups, a teacher, coach, and go-to consultant for businesses, organizations, and media. For 20 years, she was the resident parent educator at a major US hospital, and also the wise and compassionate voice on the other end of a Parent Helpline. Dr Y received her PhD from Ohio State University. She maintains an emphasis on the education adults need to meet their personal goals as parents and caregivers.