This isn’t about perfect parenting; it’s about understanding a child’s developmental journey and how we can support that journey. It’s acknowledging that we— parents and caregivers—aren’t done with ourselves yet and that parenting is an opportunity for us to learn and grow. It’s about experiencing, even with all the stresses and challenges, the joy in family life.

Both of these books are beautifully illustrated and filled with easily digestible information, perfect for parents on the go with limited time.

Tools for the Toddler Years

No one looks into the eyes of their newborn child and thinks, “I can hardly wait for the day that I start yelling at you!” Yet just as the joys of parenting delight us, the stresses of parenting test us. Tools for the Toddler Years, a collaborative effort between Dr. Y and Kendra Hovey, offers the tools to relieve these stresses, while also deepening our understanding of the toddler’s brain, body and emotions.

Tools for the Preschool Years

This book is centered in the understanding that parenting with respect, affection, and support makes kids feel confident and loved, and makes parents feel successful and loving. This is not a trademark philosophy, nor is it aligned with any other. This approach is based on the understanding that, no matter the latest craze, parenting is always about warmth and control. The advice, tools, and strategies offered here seek a balance of these two so that the child feels nurtured, secure, and loved (warmth), as well as valued and listened to, while given clear boundaries and appropriate expectations.

About the book contributors

Kendra Hovey is the co-author of Tools for the Toddler Years and an editor and blog contributor to Your Parenting Matters. She is the author of 11 books and multiple magazine and web articles.

Both books are brightly illustrated by graphic designer Greg Bonnell. Greg enriched the series through creative expression, illustrating everyday challenges in the lives of parents and young children.

What readers are saying…

I have not encountered other parenting literature that even remotely touches the genuine utility of Tools for the Toddler Years.

This book will be on my nightstand for the next year or two! It’s a perfect 1st birthday gift for new parents.

Eye-opening and easy-to read…Finally, a book parents can actually use!

Exactly what you need to navigate those frustrating, baffling moments of parenthood.

A wonderful learning tool for parents! It validates what we feel, and puts words to our children’s thoughts and actions.

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