I want, I want…gimme…gimme!

It can be hard to live with a chorus of “I want…gimme, gimme.” Whether expectations are based on advertising images of children with floor-to-ceiling wish lists or simply enjoying a friend’s toy or game, every parent at some time will face the expectations that children bring to the Christmas season. For […]

Do your children have parents or competitors?

Shiny, Happier People To describe the vast and varied role of the parent we turn to a whole list of occupations—doctor, police officer, counselor, game designer, bus driver and more—like jeweler. Yes, jeweler. Each child is a gem with multiple facets that reflect light. When Dad shines his light, it […]

Resilience: A parenting buzzword gone bad

The Burden of “Resilience” I recently read another feel-good post about letting go of grievances and how important this skill is for children. Certainly, carrying an unresolved grievance—even those that are morally understandable—is a burden. But, asserting the importance of “letting go” without a hint of “how to” is just […]

“I Hate Mommy”

Quite common in young children. We help by giving names to the desires and emotions underlying their “hate yous” and by offering ways to cope.

My Tween is a “Know-it-all!”

A mom recently asked how she could teach her tween humility and kindness. “My 11-year-old is smart, athletic, well-liked and a leader

Why all the WHYS?

Questions, by nature, put us on alert. “Why?” piques us to respond. Thus, why?-why?-why? can quickly become exhausting. But, your child’s “whys” are a good developmental sign. Here’s how to get relief without discouraging your child.

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