Intense Behaviors

Resilience: A parenting buzzword gone bad

The Burden of “Resilience” I recently read another feel-good post about letting go of grievances and how important this skill is for children. Certainly, carrying an unresolved grievance—even those that are morally understandable—is a burden. But, asserting the importance of “letting go” without a hint of “how to” is just […]

Sudden Change of Behavior

With an abrupt behavior change we often look for an event, an environment or a physical demand that has become stressful to the child.

“I Hate Mommy”

Quite common in young children. We help by giving names to the desires and emotions underlying their “hate yous” and by offering ways to cope.

Daycare or Preschool Refusal

It can be confusing when what was once fine, suddenly isn’t. Yet every one of us knows how it feels to have to do something we just don’t, at that moment, feel like doing

Head Banging

While it is hard and sometimes frightening to watch a child engage in head banging, please be reassured to know:
1) Research and experience show

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