Social Skills

A Suddenly “Shy” Child

I get invited into some of the best discussions with parents! Recently I had a wonderful on-line discussion about shyness and social anxiety in young children. Because adults often learn in the context of other’s questions I’m going to share with you what you would have overheard had you been sharing my chat with this mom. Of course, I’ll change the identity cues because every parent deserves to be in charge of what information they share with the world. Dear Dr. Y, I'm hoping you [...]

Resilience: A parenting buzzword gone bad

The Burden of "Resilience" I recently read another feel-good post about letting go of grievances and how important this skill is for children. Certainly, carrying an unresolved grievance—even those that are morally understandable—is a burden. But, asserting the importance of “letting go” without a hint of “how to” is just as much of a burden.And, it’s a disservice. Because to equate a child’s psychological well-being with an ability to “roll with the punches” may end up teaching martyrdom more than resilience, opening up the door [...]

Sleep–Your Parenting Matters: Your 3-8 year old

Sleep Although every child is different, there are average sleep requirements for children Most preschool children need between 10 and 13 hours of sleep in a 24-hour period. Over the elementary years sleep requirements may begin to lessen somewhat, only to lengthen again as children experience growth spurts and the social and emotional demands of pre-adolescence. Generally, 3-year-old children will still need a nap or regular resting time each day. Most often naps/resting periods are best begun between 12:30-1:30pm which allows for lunch and a [...]

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