Lunch & Learn Series

A series of relevant program topics that can be offered within employee lunch break times with titles such as Parenting from 5:00 to Bedtime, Discipline across the Age Span, and Communication: more than talking.  Content can also be adapted for particular audiences such as Avoiding Power Struggles with Preschoolers or Trust—Trustworthiness:  Preparing Tweens to be Trustworthy Teens. Parenting is a tough job, we suggest partnering with us to support happy healthy families in your workforce.


Basic Lunch & Learn Pack 

  • Four group presentations, 60 minutes each, including participant Q&A.
  • Through a representative of your choice, participants may offer suggestions for topics or content. To ensure confidentiality their questions or concerns will be used in aggregate and placed within the context of normal developmental challenges. If there are issues beyond the scope of an educational offering, suggestions for appropriate referrals will be made.
  • On-site hourly post-presentation consultation time available on a self-pay basis at a reduced rate of $65.00 (regular fee $75.00).

Plus Lunch & Learn Pack 

    • Basic Lunch and Learn Pack + 2 topic presentations including participant Q&A
    • One day Parent educator in-residence which may include any combination of the following:

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      • 6 hours of on-site individual/couple parent education consults (release time to be arranged by the employee) cost included in presentation time.
      • Educator in-residence time may also be distributed for small groups throughout a single work day.


Ultimate Support Pack 

  • Plus Lunch and Learn Pack
  • Additional two days of flex hours Parent Educator-in-residence services (total 3)

Possible Presentation Titles

  • Parenting 5pm to Bedtime
  • Children and Chores
  • Avoiding Preschool Power Struggles Stop
  • Helping Children live with Emotions
  • Building Confidence and Supporting Self Esteem
  • Living and learning to play with others
  • Becoming a Step Parent
  • Children Living in Two Households
  • School Readiness
  • Your Tween: A snapshot of child development for parents of elementary children

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