Our Services

  • A free 30 minute phone consultation (a $40 value)
  • Private parent coaching, individual or couple, in-person, telephone or Skype
  • Workshops, presentations and speaking engagements
  • Parent-Educator-in-residence program for large organizations
  • Lunch and Learn/Brown Bag events
  • And more, including a visit from Dr. Y to your playgroup or mom’s night out

About your 30 minute consultation 

What a 1/2 hour phone call has done for others

  • Provided reassurance that a behavior is normal–not easy–but normal
  • Provided a better understanding of the developmental context of children’s behaviors
  • Provided an entry strategy to address challenging behaviors
  • Clarified whether parent coaching was the right step for their family
  • Provided a preliminary design for workplace parent support


Use our CONTACT page to schedule with Dr Y. To learn more about Lunch & Learns and our workplace-based parenting program CLICK HERE.

About Dr. Y

Dr Y, parent educator, is a lifeline for families. With her expert knowledge, hands-on style and unwavering focus on the parent-child and family relationship, she provides solutions that work, that build parent confidence, and ready parents for their next challenge.

Dr Y is a leader and facilitator of parent groups, a teacher, coach, and go-to consultant for businesses, organizations, and media. For 20 years, she was the resident parent educator at a major US hospital, and also the wise and compassionate voice on the other end of a Parent Helpline.

What people say about working with Dr. Y

Dr. Y is a fantastic resource for our parents! The Sutter Park PTA was thrilled to be able to offer our parents a chance to hear her fresh solutions. We had fantastic feedback from our families and have asked Yvonne to return for a second session. Parents have a chance to ask their toughest parenting questions and get practical information they can put to use. It’s amazing how just a small change in parenting style can make things run smoother for the whole family! —Jane Witherspoon, President, Sutter Park PTA

“It has been such a joy working with you over the years… Thank you so much for all of your time for the Capital Nursing Students.” B, RN

A friend and I attended the “New Moms Group” meetings for at least a year. Not only did I gain valuable information about the needs and behaviors of infants and toddlers, but I also gained confidence, and I found friends that I will treasure—Yvonne, you created such a wonderful atmosphere of giving and sharing and acceptance. You gave advice about sleep, eating, discipline, and cognitive and special development that I continuously repeat to other new mothers that I know. I can’t imagine how big the number would be…of how many mothers, and children, and families you have helped and encouraged… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.J, Mom of 2

You have guided us in the right direction so many times when we didn’t know which way to go. Our family is much stronger for having had your influence.  E, Mom of 2

I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything that you did for my family. Your kindness, patience, thoughtfulness, humor & support made such a difference. Without judging you counseled, listened, advised and cared for us whenever we needed it. From simple advice of how to get out the door each morning to major life events like potty training (more major for some than others!) you gave me the tools to figure out the best way for us to make it work… So much more than just another toddler class, I am a better mom because of you.E, Mom of 3

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Contact Us

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