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Resilience: A parenting buzzword gone bad

The Burden of "Resilience" I recently read another feel-good post about letting go of grievances and how important this skill is for children. Certainly, carrying an unresolved grievance—even those that are morally understandable—is a burden. But, asserting the importance of “letting go” without a hint of “how to” is just [...]

Climate Change: Is it raining on your family’s parade?

Families can be stormy. Some are so full of conflict that children and adults face various levels of assault--verbal, emotional or physical--on a regular basis. Whether the nature of the conflicts are adult to adult, adult to child, or child to child, children caught in constant relationship storms are known to either [...]

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Halloween Holiday Help

Halloween can be fun for both children and adults. However, when children are toddlers and preschoolers, it can be a season with great challenges. For older children, it's a time when discussions may turn to issues of independence and appropriateness. Here are just a few things for you to consider beyond what costume to choose.

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